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1932 Sailing Vessel Circe - Designed by Ben Seaborn

Circe is a locally beloved racing yacht designed by Ben Seaborn, built right here at Lake Union Drydocks. She is Ben's first design, completed when he was only 17 and is a testament to his true genius. In her heyday, she competed in the Trans Pacific race from Santa Monica to Honolulu 7 times. Every time I take her out, I meet someone who has sailed on her or knows someone who has.

I was partnered with Stan Keck as Circe's Captain and Shipwright since 1995 and have looked after all of her maintenance and repair needs. As of June 2021, I am the proud new owner of this phenomenal yacht. I believe that much more importantly than owning Circe, I am her steward. And I joyfully take on this responsibility.


Below is a small selection of the ongoing projects required to sustain a wooden vessel. Along with a few interior changes to suit our needs.

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